The Beginners Guide to Landscaping


With increasing real estate rates, there are some of us are still lucky enough to have our own lawn to tend to. Seeding, watering and watching your plants grow in your lawn in Wellington can be fascinating.

Mowing your Wellington lawn

When it comes to the upkeep of the lawn, it is important to know how to mow your lawn. There are several benefits to mowing your lawn and tidying it up.

  • Firstly, it helps in making your lawn look spic and span. After all, there’d be no benefit to having beautiful flowers and plants if they were all hidden behind a bush of weed.
  • Secondly, it helps keep away any possible weed infestations in your lawn.
  • Thirdly, it makes your lawn a safer place for you and your family as poisonous insects and other creatures find it difficult to make their home in a lawn that does not provide them with enough hiding spots.

The right lawn mower

When it comes to picking the right lawn mower, consider what you need according to the type of lawn you own. Some of these include the brand, type, size and dealer of the lawn mower. For instance, lawns of a relatively smaller size, wagon-style lawn mowers are the right mowers to pick since they require manual labour.

Further, the topography of your lawn is an important factor as well. Does your lawn have mostly upright plants, or does it also have a decent amount of creeping herbs and shrubs? Or does it simply have dull grass? For instance, if your lawn has a lot of plants growing at a short distance among them, choosing a lawn mower that has sharp steering capabilities would be the right lawn mower.

The Different Mowers

Primarily, there are three kinds of mowers.

1. These are the walk – behind or the manual lawn mower, the riding or the automatic lawn mower and the tow-behind lawn mower.

Choosing simply between the automatic and the manual mower may not always be the way to go as some lawns require precise mowing and despite their size, would benefit from manual mowing. Further, the manual mower conserves electricity.
2. An automatic mower can cut large expanses of the lawn in lesser time depending on the movements (lateral or haphazard may bring certain changes in the result times).
3. There is also the semi-automatic lawn mower that works without electricity ad often has certain additional features. Among the automatic, manual and the semi-automatic lawn mowers, there are various other options you can choose from. Some lawn-owners even prefer more than a single type of a lawn mower for their lawn so as to be able to mow it as per their requirements.

Sometimes, you might need lawn mower repair Wellington, in which case you need to find the right chainsaw repair Wellington company.


Choosing the right manufacturer is an important process when it comes to choosing the right lawn mower, too. Check the type of lawn mower that suits you and ensure that there is a good warranty period to cover you. Tawa Mowers offers some of the best lawn mowers and lawn mower repair and chain saw repair Wellington, service you need today. You can visit them online at


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