Tawa Mowers – For Local Gardening Equipment and Repair Service


At Tawa Mowers, pride is taken in delivering excellent customer service and offering an extensive product range. It doesn’t matter if your mower, chainsaw or ride-on-lawn-mower isn’t working – because it will be fixed for you. If you need new gardening equipment you can browse the extensive range of products.

Having been part of the gardening and hardware industry for over two decades, Tawa Mowers knows how to best help you. Tawa Mowers is a locally owned business – so come in for a friendly chat and some great advice about all your gardening and hardware needs.

Tawa Mowers provides gardening equipment at competitive prices. Do you know where to buy a lawn mower in Wellington? Tawa Mowers of course! Besides mowers – you can also purchase trimmers, brush cutters, chainsaws, spreaders and wood fireplaces. You can shop online via the website. If an item you are looking for isn’t listed, give the friendly team at Tawa Mowers a call to see if it can be stocked for you.

Proper maintenance is the key to the longevity of machines so if your lawn mower is not performing the way it should then it may require a service. Tawa Mowers has an experienced group of technicians who have been in the industry for over 40 years and understands the ins and out of a proper lawn mower service in Wellington.

Whenever you bring a machine in, an expert eye will be cast and advice freely given. Sometimes a repair is cheaper than a replacement. If needed, Tawa Mowers can arrange for pick-up and delivery to your door.

At Tawa Mowers, indoor repairs are also undertaken. If you require fireplace or chimney sweep repairs, the technicians at Tawa Mowers can help. If you have a one-off job and require specific gardening equipment – choose Tawa Mowers for your equipment hire.

If you are experiencing problems with your outdoor gardening machinery or indoor appliances and fittings, contact Tawa Mowers to have your problem solved quickly and affordably. Or pick up a bargain when you shop online via the website.


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