Expert Lawn Mower Repairs from Tawa Mowers


No matter which model or brand of lawnmower you have, Wellington-based Tawa Mowers can repair your faulty lawnmower or advise you about the best way to upgrade your existing lawnmower to a new model.

Tawa Mowers can easily repair small problems like faulty belts and also bigger problems such as engine issues. If your lawnmower just needs a quick tune-up – maintenance checks on any make and model of lawnmower can be undertaken.

At Tawa Mowers, the experts come to you! For example servicing of your ride-on lawnmower is done from your premises, so you don’t have to worry about how you will get your mower to the shop. Other home repairs include fireplace repairs and chimney sweeping.

For instant peace of mind, Tawa Mowers guarantees that your lawnmower can be fixed the first time. The specialists at Tawa Mowers are on hand to save you time, grief and money.

What to do if your lawnmower doesn’t start…

Many of the calls Tawa Mowers receives are about lawnmowers that don’t start. Often this is caused by sparking problems, battery related issues or fuel issues. The professional Tawa Mowers technicians are experienced and will readily diagnose the problem as quickly as possible. There are often multiple problems that may cause your lawnmower to stop functioning. Luckily the services offered at Tawa Mowers are fully guaranteed.

Guaranteed services

All of the services at Tawa Mowers are guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations. The staff at Tawa Mowers are some of the best lawn mower repair specialists in New Zealand with high quality parts used for all repair work. Tawa Mowers is proud to let customers know that once they have had a repair with Tawa Mowers their lawnmower is going to work as it did the first day they bought it.

If you have a lawnmower that doesn’t start or doesn’t work as efficiently as it did before, contact Tawa Mower and Heating Services and let the repair team help you.


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