4 Ways to Keep Your Lawn Mower in Good Nick


Most lawn care equipment takes a hammering over time and the lawn mower is no different. Don’t neglect it until it’s too late and costly damage has been done. It is lack of preventive maintenance that is usually the cause for early lawnmower deaths. This is why it is strongly advised you get your lawn mower regularly checked over by a professional.

How to ensure your lawn mower lasts

Follow these 4 simple ways to ensure your lawn mower lasts:

1. Read the manual: This pamphlet tells you everything you need to know about keeping your lawn mower in good condition.

2. Drain the petrol after each season: Ask any technician and they’ll agree that old petrol is the main culprit why a lawn mower fails to start. Prevent this by draining the petrol out of your mower after every mowing season.

3. Check the oil: Always monitor the oil level in your mower to check for floating debris or oil that is dark in colour. Old or contaminated oil should always be completely drained and replaced. Always consult your manual when doing this!

4. Get a professional tune up: Ensure your lawnmower is ready for the summer season. The easiest way is to treat your mower to a professional tune up.

Why Consider Lawnmower Repair Services?

When your lawnmower starts to show signs of malfunction or damage, this means professional help is needed. A regular service will ensure that your mower continues to work as intended and prevents against future damage.

Lawn mower repair in Tawa from Tawa Mowers offers high quality repairs ranging from simple solutions, such as blade sharpening – to more complex fixes like mechanical restoration and engine repair. No matter what mechanical problem your lawnmower has, Tawa Mowers has it covered. Tawa Mowers has highly experienced technicians onsite at the Wellington store, who also offer chainsaw services as well.

Not only will you benefit from having a cleanly functioning mower or power tool, the technicians at Tawa Mowers will also ensure the following:

  • Free advice about where to buy a lawnmower in Wellington.
  • The assurance that your mower is operating to the highest safety standards.
  • More bang for your buck because your mower has a longer lifespan.

When you bring your malfunctioning lawn mower to Tawa Mowers, you are in safe hands. Tawa Mowers is the leading lawn mower repair shop in Wellington because excellent workmanship and high quality services are always given.

Visit tawamowers.co.nz today.


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